P2E Game

Intecet games 're more than form of playing, fun or entertainment, but it's now used as an educational tools that are used to introduce blockchain to the World, which is usually carried out for renumeration. Games are more fun that is why Intecet team will be bringing quality digital games to you. Intecet Game is a framwork for modeling scenario in which conflict of interest exist among the players.

Players can earn by:

Player is a person that take part in Intecet P2E game

•Playing a daily game and claim the reward
after completing the game.
•Light up a lamp and selling them on the
•Staking & Farming on multiple farming
platform that will soon be release.
•Providing Liquidity.
Loser will be rewarded, in Intecet NFT
everybody is a winner,more earning will be release in early 2022.

Focus Africa

Africa is booming in terms of cryptocurrency adoption, the continet is adopting crypto faster than others,Cryptocurrency adoption in Africa grew 1200% between July 2020 and June 2021, making it the fastest adoption rate in the world.according to the 2020 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report by Chainalysis a blockchain analysis company that provides data, software, services, and research to government agencies, According to the report, Africa’s on-chain cryptocurrency activity has consolidated further onto the 10 largest services in the region by volume, with those services’ share of overall activity in the region rising from 67 per cent in October 2019 to 78 per cent in 2020. Africa amassed $105.6bn worth of cryptocurrencies in forecasts for the year ending June 2021, driven by peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions in key growth markets. Chain alysis’ latest figures show transactions volume made up of retail-sized transfers in Africa was seven per cent, against the global average of 5.5%. The only problem that is surrounding cryptocurrency adoption in Africa is most people are not conscious of investment types beyond the basics like real estate or stocks. Cryptocurrencies are still very new to most of them “At the same time, various platforms need to make it easier for people who are completely new to cryptocurrency understand it better.Intecet has get set to create awareness to Africans through easy play to Earn Game, by doing that more peopple will know more about how cryptocurrency work and the benefit.



Anti-scam feature

Rug pull detecting


Fully decentralized

No third party involvement


Battle Arenas

Get your Motor bike ready to engage with the 100th of contenders in Bike jungle



collect the necessary NFTs that you will use to battle other to show your supremacy like Bike, helment.



Trade your Lamp for ICT token.


Liquidity Locked

Liquidity Locked for 12 months.


Q2 2021


Idea Consolidation,Constructing Infrastructure and Development Goals. .

Q1 2022


Play to Earn Game ICT staking & Reward

Q2 2022

Comming Soon

NFT Market place Disney animator onboard. .

Q3 2022

Comming Soon

battle to light the lamp.

Q4 2022

Comming Soon

Intecet Swap interface and swapping of both Beep-20 and Erc-20 token.

Q2 2023

Comming Soon

iOS and Android release.

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